Hotspot Design is born from a deep fishing passion of its founders who, thanks to their creative abilities and their experience in the garment field, were able to become a leading company in the fishing clothing market.
Hotspot Design is manufacturing unique and original products, all characterized by the Italian design (protected by copyright), by high quality garment and by the most modern printing techniques. All the products have been thought, designed, planned and produced with meticulous care in each detail.All these key factors were able to recognize HOTSPOT brand as a successful industrial reality.


We are aware that a garment choice is determined by its pleasant tactile feeling.


We have some slogan who identify our company concept:



-          ANGLER’S MIND


All our products are normally characterized by a trendy line with modern cut. We are speaking about technical and outdoor products who are not only suitable for fishing sessions but they could be dressed everywhere and every day with nothing to envy to the most famous fashion brands.