HS Style is our top quality collection, the performance outdoor clothing for excellence. These are not only products manufactured for extreme weather conditions but they are a Lifestyle, fashion in harmony with great functionality and protection.

Your expectations and requirements are our obsession, for this reason the HS collection ensure you only the highest-quality, each item must protect you from the elements, keep you comfortable, warm and dry and provide mobility, they must be practical and durable items, no matter the intensity of your activity. Clothes that protect from rain, cold, snow and wind, they are comfortable wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, the right protection against the scorching summers and freezing winters.


HS Style is a way of living, products suitable not only for outdoor activities, but ideal to be dressed everyday. We design clothes with this in mind, we create garments with world-class functionality for your active outdoor life and at the same time we want them fashionable with modern cut.