The collection LADY ANGLER will change the lifestyle of women, it includes many different concepts for ladies, products who are comfortable, stylish, trendy and certainly eye-catching.

Ladies have never found suitable products in the fishing field, they were always looking for something that it wasn’t too masculine. The Lady Angler collection solves the problem as it is a collection “born for her”, having in mind all fundamental aspects for a women collection. You can wear the Lady Angler collection when you tend to move a lot during the day or as a comfortable and practical piece of clothing when fishing, hiking, partying or even when resting and when doing some intense activities.


The Lady Angler collection is more than amazing and it answers to the common fashion trends:


- very attractive models: modern, elegant, sexy, personality and diversity;


- colors: gentle, eye-catching;


- materials: clothes made with very fine fabrics.


The Lady Angler collection is the new icon for women of all ages !