We pay particular attention in choosing high quality material and monitoring manufacturing process and testing the products quality.

All our products meet all government safety and quality standards, they respect the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 regulations. "Oeko-Tex standard 100" is an international, normative document, published by the International Association for research and Testing in the field of Textile Ecology (Oeko-tex / Öko-Tex). The Oeko-Tex system guarantees that all tested and certified textile products are free from harmful substances that may be injurious to human health. For further information please visit: www.oeko-tex.com.


We strive to create and develop innovative methods for printing to deliver top-notch apparel. Pictures are not giving right justice to our products as it is not possible to show garment quality and the applied production techniques. There are several features who make our products unique and of appreciated manufacture, we apply the most modern printing techniques, like embossment, glitter, laminated, flocking, cracking ink, gloss, metallic, phosphorescent, and many more. Each product has its own characteristics and you can find a “Technical Specification" form with detailed info for each item. All our prints are created with high quality and eco-friendly inks.



One of the reasons of our success is the creativity, style and the intuitions to grasp the new trends by our design office. Of course at the base there is a deep fishing passion, in all disciplines, and the design process is very often improvised and created from passion and emotions. But then each idea follows a binding path in which it is evaluated from the point of views of trends, in the aesthetic, functional and economical.

Each new collection is therefore characterized by our unique style and design.